Our mission is to help businesses streamline workflow automation, faster registration with data integrity, and less operational costs.

"A Happy, Loyal customer is our ultimate business strategy."

OCRology is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution provider focused on solving the business problem of document digitization through cutting-edge AI technology. We create products to capture unstructured or semi-structured data, regardless of type or language.

Powered by Neural Networks, OCRology is available with a flexible and optimized Software Development Kit (SDK). Our mobile SDK is lightweight, designed to achieve swift, accurate on-device level text detection and document processing, be it real-time or offline.

24,000 cases delay monthly, $100 million loss annually in just one insurance provider.

Automate form filling on mobile and overcome operational costs using our fully optimized mobile SDK to capture unstructured or semi-structured data and make better and faster actions.

Meet The Team

Fran Strajnar


Ravi Teja

Technical Lead

Donn Krassiyenko

Business Development

Pantelis Roussakis


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